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The Parrot Who Claimed Me

Since today is National Tattoo Story Day, this is my tattoo of my black headed caique parrot Batman and the story behind it. ❤️

Batman was my first caique parrot. My husband found him on a yard sale site and brought him home on a Wednesday evening. I wanted nothing to do with the bird. At that time I was half afraid of birds biting and had the opinion they just flew around your house and pooped everywhere. Batman had other plans.

Batman: The photo used for the tattoo.

Caiques are known as clown parrots. He would sing, dance and swing from the top of his cage, especially when I got home from work. Friday afternoon when I got home from work my husband convinced me to pick him up. Reluctantly, I offered this little guy my finger. He hopped on and promptly marched up my arm and claimed my shoulder.

Unfortunately for my husband Batman never went to him much after that. About a week later he started to attack my husband when he came near me and chased him through the house. While comical, this is bad/painful for the person the bird dislikes, however my husband didn’t seem to mind his bird taking to me so Batman was here stay.

Batman was my cuddle buddy. Where I went he went. He never left my shoulder. He especially liked a hoodie.

I had no idea how affectionate birds could be prior to this and had always been a dog person. If you asked me to describe caiques I’d say they have a puppy like personality. Extremely playful, high energy, nippy and have a wild side that hops like a kangaroo and plays with foot toys. Then they have the opposite, cuddly side, that surfs on your clothes and on a rare occasion let’s you snuggle them. I think that’s why I fell so deeply in love with this little guy. (Also the reason a caique isn’t the parrot for everyone. 🤪 They’re a little much….but so am I 🤣)

About 6 months after getting Batman he had a medical emergency. We tried to rush him to our local emergency vet however it all happened so fast. He fell from a perch and was dead within 20 minutes; he died en route. Our trip to the vet turned into a ride to a pet crematorium so I could have his ashes. I didn’t know about necropsy at the time so I have no idea what happened but I assume he had a stroke/seizure or fell and hit his head because the symptoms he had were neurological in nature.

Batman was my first parrot in a while. When we had a conure many many years ago but we didn't have access to information then like we do now so we learned together. Batman and I learned about chop and baking together. Pictured with the first ever birdie muffin I baked. ❤️

I was angry and heartbroken. The bird I didn’t want, who should have lived to be 30+years, died after I only got to have him a little over 5 months. I had spent hours playing with him, training him and loving him. The last thing I wanted was another bird because they’re too fragile and the loss was too painful.

Fast forward most of you know I have multiple birds now. Miss Bean my white bellied caique is my partner in crime. She is spoiled rotten and the whole reason behind the toys. I make my parrot toys because I love my birds. I started making them toys and decided to share that with others.

Batman did like my son. Here he was helping Gabe with some school working during the pandemic. He was a big help with the virtual school end of 2020.

At the time I didn’t see it because I was caught up in the pain and grief of losing a pet I never even wanted in the first place but God was going to use it change my life. That’s what he does. He sees a moment when something bad happens and says I can work with that. He brought me Miss Bean to help me heal my heart, I have a whole circle of bird friends and now I’m growing a business out of it. I love when people ask me about my parrot tattoo. Go ahead and ask me so I can tell you how God used a parrot to change my life.

There are so many more details to this story but this is a summary without writing a book. ❤️

The last picture I took of Batman in his outside cage. Ironically the morning he died.

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