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Plastic Straws…Safe for Parrots?

I took what was left of Jellybeans Halloween toys out of her cage the other day and it prompted me to write this.


I get asked questions frequently at bird fairs about my toys. One I get asked quite often is, “Are these plastic straws safe for my bird?” The straws in question are the spring like straws that have been cut into a curly cue. My answer to this question is always “that really depends on your bird.”

Most birds will destroy the paper/wood parts and leave the straws. I recently gave Miss Bean one of the Halloween Wreaths and she chewed, with precision, around ever one of those straws. That being said, any toy has the potential to be dangerous. This is why I always say that supervised playtime is safe playtime. What I mean is be aware of the condition of your birds toys so they don’t become entangled in something. If it’s new maybe have them play with it outside the cage until you know they aren’t going to ingest it or get hurt. Know your bird!!!

The toy I’m talking about.

Miss Bean my caique gets her head stuck in things. She doesn’t chew fabric so she’s allowed tents and hammocks.

Angel my Grey is terrified of new things and loves to shred. She doesn’t get anything that has cotton or could be a potential crop impaction risk because I’m afraid she will eat it.

Skittles…she’s a bit of a hot mess. I thought she ate a dinger out of Miss Beans bell once. She scared me half to death. Turns out Dad had taken the Dinger out to make it Skittles proof and I didn’t know…but I learned that day she could smash a regular bell in one squeeze. Thankfully she was being watched outside the cage because I knew that toy wasn’t made for a macaw beak.

By knowing our birds we can hopefully prevent an accident, but like I said earlier, the best way to prevent injury is to monitor what they’re playing with. I try to make all the toys as safe as possible but it is always up to the parront to monitor playtime. Safe playtime is the best playtime.

With Love from:

Courtney and “the Flock” at Crafty Caique

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