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Why Make Parrot Toys?

The Full Story

I never wanted a bird!...say what!?...Batman was supposed to be my husband’s bird. He got him on a Wednesday night. Friday afternoon I came home from work and Batman was singing and dancing for me like nothing I’d ever seen before! Reluctantly my husband convinced me to put my hand in his cage. He hopped on my finger, climbed up my arm and promptly sat on my shoulder. Needless to say my husband couldn’t ever touch him again and I had a new best friend. There is nothing like being chosen by a bird. Batman had one favorite toy and didn’t play with much else so I didn’t really start making toys until Miss Bean came along but she keeps me busy now. I love to buy toys for my birds but I discovered quickly that there are many toys that just aren’t safe for birds and that I could easily make them too. I started making toys for Miss Bean as a hobby initially but like for many people, 2020 was crazy. I was furloughed from my regular job for a while and when I returned came to some realizations regarding my future. I have some health problems and working a regular schedule in the long term may not work for me. Several people had expressed interest in my toys already and starting my own online business would allow me the freedom to create my own schedule. I thought why not do something I love and I’m good at. I also have the best birbs. ❤️

*Update to this* I have taken the leap and become a full time crazy bird lady. In 06/2022 I made toy making my full time job thanks to all of my loyal customers! My business is growing and I am working on expanding to some other products. I can't wait to see what the future brings. 

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