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Caique Parrot


Toys offer a vital source of enrichment for our feather companions and here at CraftyCaique we offer a variety of unique toys. Check out our food foot toys or one of the hanging toys that are great for foraging and shredding! Thanks for stopping by!

Caique Parrot

Fly High Forever Batman Bird

"Without my parrot, my house would be clean, and my wallet would be full, but my heart would be empty."


Importance of Bird Toys

Enrichment is vital for our feathered friends. Birds are highly intelligent animals and need stimulation in different forms to live a happy life. Toys can provide them with the opportunity to forage like in the wild. Toys also provide a variety of intriguing colors to see, sounds to hear and textures to chew. A birds' beak never stops growing so the wood and other hard textured parts help prevent overgrown beaks.  The shreddable toys and preening toys help deter birds from developing bad habits like feather destruction and plucking. 



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Parrot with a foot toy


Safe Playtime is Fun Playtime

I value safety and quality in my own parrots' toys; therefore, I try to use parrot safe products in all the toys. I use stainless or nickel plated metals. Most of the ropes are natural and all of the leather is vegetable tanned. That being said, several of the toys have components on them that have been known to cause injury and/or death to pet birds, such as, but not limited to, small beads, charms, bells, and cotton rope. It is up to the parront to supervise all playtime and monitor the toys for damage because ultimately most of the toys I make are for chewing and shredding. 

We don't accept returns to prevent the spread of disease to our own flock and others however if you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us via email at with in 14 days of receipt of your items. We would love the opportunity to try and make it right. 

Thank you,

Courtney and the Flock at Crafty Caique